The Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM) is an alternative educational program focused on the study of social movements in Mexico, socialism in Cuba, and community organizing in Chicago. AUSM combines rigorous theoretical study, participatory action research, and experiential learning with powerful social actors struggling for justice, autonomy, and democracy. Find out more »

Unique Master's in Community Organizing


Master's in Community Organizing with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and AUSM

Learn the theory and practice of community organizing from teachers and mentors who spent a life time at it. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee master's degree in community organizing is a unique collaborative partnership with the Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM). Based in the Centro Autónomo in Chicago, the program offers the only master degree in community organizing in the country. Students combine discussion-based academic classes with hands on experience and regular mentoring from experienced community organizers.

Classes include:

Summer in Cuba

Cuba semester and summer study abroad
History, Culture, and Politics of Cuba
A Summer 6-credit study abroad program in Cuba
Offered by the Autonomous University for Social Movements (AUSM) and the Centro Memorial Martin Luther King Jr
AUSM Executive Director Thomas Hansen (PhD) has 25 years of experience leading educational programs in Cuba. The Centro Memorial Martin Luther King Jr in Havana is Cuba’s preeminent non-governmental organization with a 26 year history of international educational programs and popular education work.

New era in Cuba-US relations? We'll see.

In 1992, a ragtag group of 106 caravanistas confronted some 400 federal officials at the US-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas. Under the leadership of the late Rev. Lucius Walker, this was the first public challenge to the US blockade of Cuba. We were loaded with medicines, school supplies and used bicycles bound for Havana.

Study Abroad

Spring 2015
(Jan 25 - May 16)
Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Chicago
app deadline extended to Dec 5th (3 spots left!)

Summer 2015
(June 21 - July 18)
in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
app dealine April 1st

Participants accepted on a rolling basis. Apply now!

AUSM Master’s Program

Autonomous University of Social Movements Master’s Program in Community Organizing

Accepting applications for Fall 2015. Find out more!