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Housing is a Human Right! The dignified fight for homes in Mexico City

02/01/2016 - 02/13/2016
New York, NYC, & New England
Join Luis Saracho de María y Campos as he discusses his work with the Unión de Vecinos y Damnificados 19 de Septiembre (UVyD 19), a neighborhood organization that arose from the necessity to build tenant power to recuperate destroyed housing from the infamous September 19th, 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. UVyD 19 continues to organize to defend their human right to housing. Like many neighborhoods in the largest cities in the US, UVyD 19 resides in neighborhoods that face heavy gentrification. Discover how Mexico City tenants organize people power to fight eviction and displacement.

Study in Cuba or México with the Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM)

Summer 2016:

Cuba (6 credits): May 22 – June 25 (App deadline: March 31)
Focus on the history, culture and politics of Cuba, with a constructively critical look at the Cuban revolution.  Program features home stays in Havana, travel to provinces, and experiential learning.

Mexico (6 credits): July 3-30 (App deadline: April 30)
Focus on the theory, practice and context of the Zapatista movement.  Program features study and living in a Zapatista cultural/political center.

1st Global Festival of Resistances & Rebellions Against Capitalism

From Dec 21st to January 3rd, the Zapatistas invited social actors from all over Mexico and the world to share and celebrate with communities in struggle against capitalism. At the end of the event, the National Indigenous Congress met to discuss the state of Mexico and the world from below and to the left.

Here are a seven brief interviews of different movement participants with subtitles in English.


Spring 2016
Mexico: Jan 23-Apr 23
Cuba: Jan 31-Apr 29 
Application deadline Dec 1st

Summer 2016 (updated!)
Cuba: May 22 - June 25
Mexico: July 3 - 30

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Applicants accepted on a rolling basis.


Accepting applications for Fall 2016.

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