Solidarity Action with the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity!


The over 40,000 victims of Felipe Calderon’s war have to be remembered and not forgotten by impunity and injustice. We don´t want terror and fear to be tools of the government tosilence the people.  We see Pres. Calderon’s war as a profit-making deal with US security and arms corporations to assassinate the Mexican people via the Merida Initiative. 

That is why we join the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity that began in Cuernavaca June 4th and will end today, June 10th in Ciudad Juarez, where a National Social Pact will be signed by social organizations and families of the victims of this atrocious war. 


Together they demand:

1. Truth and justice for the assassinations committed.
2. An end to the War on Drugs and the use of citizen-run security initiatives.
3. An end to corruption and impunity.
4. An end to profit-making from crime.
5. Attention be paid to the dire situation of youth in order to begin reconstructing the social fabric of society.
6. Participatory democracy, better representative democracy, and democratization of the media.

No Mas Sangre
Ciudad Juarez
Merida Initiative
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