News & Analysis

Mexico News and Analysis: August 2-8, 2010

1. Mexico murder rate is down, US maintains ambiguous travel warning
2. Federal police commanders relieved in Ciudad Juarez
3. Mexicana Airline resolving labor dispute via bankruptcy
4. Supreme Court affirms gay marriage
5. SME reaches first agreement in federal negotiations

Mexico News and Analysis: July 5 - August 1, 2010

1. Violence continues unabated in Chiapas
2. AMLO launches presidential campaign
3. July 4 election results
4. Calderon names new Interior Minister
5. Atenco Prisoners released
6. Supreme Court rules against SME workers
7. US closes Ciudad Juarez Consulate

Unique Research Opportunities in Mexico

Participatory research opportunities in Mexico for senior, masters, or doctoral theses. Work directly with community radio or indigenous movements in Chiapas, campesinos in Tlaxcala, urban housing movements in Mexico City, or barrio organizing in Ciudad Juarez.  Individualized programs are tailored to fit different levels of Spanish language skills and research experience. Spring and Fall programs are 15 weeks, Summer programs last 8 weeks.

Study Abroad in Mexico

Fall 2011 - application deadline extended: July 1st
Chiapas/Tlaxcala/Mexico City (13 weeks): Sept  4 - Dec 3
Spring 2012 - application deadline: November 1st
Chiapas/Tlaxcala/Mexico City (13 weeks): Jan 29 - April 28
Summer 2012 - dates TBA mid-July

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Spring Speaking Tours

April 5 - 11, 2010 (the Carolinas): "Ciudad Juarez - Women, maquiladoras, narco-trafficking, and neoliberal dynamics along the border" with Verónica Leyva

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Mexico News and Analysis: March 22-28, 2010

1. Doubtful information on Zapatistas published in La Reforma

Mexico News and Analysis: March 15-21, 2010

1. NaRCo-blockades plague Monterrey
2. Calderon offers labor reform
3. SME on strike

Mexico News and Analysis: March 1-14, 2010

1. Supreme court rules against human rights treaties
2. Poverty increases dramatically
3. Increasing human rights violations in Mexico
4. CFE awards contracts to fired workers
5. SME declares strike
6. US Consulate issues travel advisory

Mexico News and Analysis: February 15-28, 2010

1. Chiapas Human rights defender kidnapped
2. Chalco residents protest
3. US closes consulate in Reynosa.
4. Welfare program Oportunidades expands
5. PRD accuses Calderon of “favorites” in drug war
6. Calderon raises army pay
7. Scapegoat released in Brad Will murder
8. Demonstrators repressed during Calderon visit to Juarez
9. SME calls for national strike

Mexico News and Analysis: February 8-14, 2010

1. Zapatistas clash with paramilitary group
2. Popular mobilizations in Ciudad Juarez
3. Army assassinates youth in Guerrero
4. SME calls for general strike and civil disobedience