MSN denounces the unjust detention of compañero Hector Malacara of CNUC [UPDATED 5/17/2012]

85 MSN denounces the detention of compañero Hector Malacara of CNUC.
• Translation of CNUC's reports and denouncements
• See below for solidarity actions you can do to help!
• [Update] Malacara has been released on bail. Great news, but we're not in the clear quite yet.

Brothers and Sisters,

We are writing to request your solidarity and support because today, Wednesday May 16 at 2pm, around 15 individuals (some of them armed) presenting themselves as agents of the Mexican Attorney General (without showing any identification) arrived at CNUC offices and at gun point (and issuing blows to the head) took our brother HECTOR MANUEL PERALES MALACARA, an adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and the Other Campaign as well as a staff organizer with CNUC. In this detention said subjects also threatened sister LUZ RIVERA MARTINEZ, who witnessed the above mentioned acts and who by questioning them was accused of interfering with an act of justice, by telling her they could “really fuck her over (cargar la verga)” and that they could do whatever they wanted.

After this, the subjects took brother Malacara and by force put him in an unidentified vehicle.
We call on our international brothers and sisters to denounce this act of aggression with your networks and demand that the government, in the case that it actually is the Prosecutor’s office who ordered the detention, clarify their legal charges or that they free him if they can’t justify his arrest. On behalf of independent organizations in defense of human rights, we ask for your intervention, accompaniment, and denouncement of the arrest of Hector Malacara.



Brothers and sisters, we send you this updated information about the situation with our compañero Malacara.
Hector Malacara was first detained, then taken to the Tlaxcala office of the federal Attorney General. He was arrested under an old warrant for the supposed crime of “attacking the general thoroughfares of communication.” The judge will present formal charges against Hector Perales Malacara at 5pm today.
Meanwhile, the brothers and sisters of CNUC & UPADII, organizations that adhere to the Sixth Declaration, the Other Campaign, and the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity, are demonstrating in from of the Attorney General’s office, demanding freedom for compa Hector Malacara. In addition, some members went to the State Human Rights Commission to demand that they intervene and verify the situation of our brother.
We appreciate the support and solidarity actions that have happened in response to the detention of our brother and we ask you to keep checking back for updates and to continue to press for the freedom of our brother Malacara.
The Other Tlaxcala.

This harassment clearly demonstrates the continued effort to criminalize social protest by the Mexican government—an increasingly frequent and serious tactic used by the political-military class everywhere. 

In order to speak out against these actions, we ask that you do one or all of the following: 
1) Forward this message and webpage to all of your compas.

2) Like CNUC's facebook page and share your support on their wall (en español).
2) Send the message below (or one of your own) to the Tlaxcalan governor via his Facebook account:
“Soy de los Estados Unidos y estoy muy preocupado de la detención injusta del Señor Hector Malacara del Consejo Nacional Urbano y Campesino que pasó hoy a las 2 de la tarde. ¡Exigimos liberación inmediata de Hector Malacara! Alto a la represión politica!"
3) Tweet the following message (or one of your own) below to the Tlaxcalan Gov. Mariano Gonzalez Zarur:
5) If you speak Spanish and are willing to place an international call, please let these bureaucrats know what you think!
Gobernador C.P. Mariano González Zarur 
Tel. 011 52 (246) 465-0913
Procuraduría General de Justicia 
Procuradora Lic. Nora Caballero Trejo 
Tel. 011 52 (246) 465-2203
recmattlax [at] pgr [dot] gob [dot] mx

We will update this page with more information and solidarity action steps as it becomes available.